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Dr. Zen


Dr. Zen Lewis has over 20 years experience in psychotherapy, counseling, education and public speaking. “Dr. Zen’s Psychotherapy Services offices are located in Los Angeles and Burbank, CA for both in office and online sessions. He continues to serve clients in Florida through online therapy as well.

Hello, I'm Dr. Zen!

Dr. Zen Jordan Lewis specializes in CBT and Insight-Oriented Therapy. Self talk or Affirmations are used in conjunction with the psychotherapeutic treatment method known as CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy).

Psychological Services


Create a better relationship with yourself and with others.


Everyone experiences anxiety differently, from incessant, busy worrying to blanking out completely. There is no-one-size-fits-all therapy because there are many different types of anxiety. In my office, we will get to the root of the specific issues you are experiencing and address them, supporting you on a journey towards peace and greater daily calm.


Sex and food addiction can be insidious problems - they require biological rewiring. Expedite your recovery process by seeking support. With individualized programs, my clients learn how to crush cravings and stifle toxic wrong-thinking.


Feelings of despondency can creep into our lives and stick around, but not for long if we seek out professional help. I will teach you how to address sadness and dejection before they perpetuate. Fulfillment and acceptance are in your grasp.


In our sessions, you will learn how to express yourself authentically as well as listen attentively to your partner, forging deeper connections while working through conflicts. Give your relationship the attention it needs.

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