By Dr. Lewis Jordan

The best version of this song is Ella Fitzgerald in my humble opinion. Still to this day I like to listen to the song, If I had to give you a specific reason it would be  just to hear her voice, but honestly the words speak to me as well. I want to believe in them.


After many failed relationships and door slamming, wouldn’t it be nice if everyday was Valentine’s Day?


Ella’s message is so seductive and seemingly elusive too. It reminds me of bittersweet chocolate. I want to believe it tastes good, but without the sugar it sure is hard to swallow. The basis of the song is that you can love someone no matter what they look like, no matter if their figure is less than Greek or even if they’re not smart.

Boy we all long for that. That is sometimes called true love or unconditional love, but is this kind of love achievable? Can we love this unconditionally with this much passion and romantic fervor still intact?


Many of us over 40 would laugh at this idea. This to most of us would be the delusional imprinting that is necessary to repopulate the earth. While I am both over 40 and may sound slightly jaded I admit, I still would like to see this kind of love in a sustainable real relationship just once, with anyone, but just because I have not ever seen it does not mean it does not exist in other ways.


Relationships are often based on two things. The size and weight of our carry on luggage before boarding the relationship love boat, and number of passengers available as options. Think about it. If we could have anybody anytime we wanted him or her, would we stay with our current partner? More importantly, if you were older, would you have gotten in the relationship to begin with if you were emotionally available and free of trauma?


Maybe there is a reason Valentines Day is just that, a day. Because it might be more of an experience or ideal then the reality of life and that’s okay. Isn’t life just a long history of moments anyway? We can have Valentines Day’s every day if that is true because we have our memories and in them we can remember the love and feelings every single day. I hope you all get to have as many of them as you can so when your older you can remember the days and the people who made you feel like it was really Valentines Day.


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